Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa's Stocking Freebies!!

Here are 3 freebies to go with mine and Mayo Designs' kit for Santa's Stocking! We hope you enjoy them and thanks for looking.

1. Cozy Cuddly Borders - Download Here

2. Cozy Cuddly Card by Maby Scraps - Download Here

3. Cozy Cuddly Frame by Annet - Download Here

Santa's Stocking!!

Santa has come to visit With Love Studio and he has STUFFED our stocking with tons of holiday goodness! And his elves have created all sorts of fun holiday projects for you to complete this Christmas season!

First, run to the shop and purchase your stocking. 
Then come back to this section of the forum and complete as many of the projects as you can.
When you complete a project, post in this thread to keep track.
Everyone who completes all of the challenges will be entered to win one of 3 random prizes!! Go to this thread to see the prizes and the rest of the details and rules!